We are experiencing a breathtaking period in our development and existence. For some time now, there has been a sense of major change, the pace of which has been accelerating.

There have been various interpretations as to what is coming, and most of these interpretations have focused on upheaval, destruction, disaster and annihilation.

Perhaps at different points during the past years, those predictions had some basis for truth and possibility, perhaps in some ways they still do.

However, from an energy point of view, a definitive prediction is not possible. This is because the outcome of any situation, is subject to changes in energy flow.

From an astrological perspective, when we go through a period of heavy challenge from several planets, it means that we are going through a phase of potentially major development work, which by definition is about change. The area of life that will be effected can be seen, the influences analysed and information from that analysis can be very helpful. The end of the phase can be predicted, along with the emergence of any opportunity that can be seen from the planetary positions. What we will choose or decide, is another matter.

The outer planets, because of their slow rate of movement, can take a few years to complete their influence, or energy effect. The end result of such a phase, is change. Therefore, what was needed or wanted before the transits began, may not be the same when the planetary/energy influence has lifted. There can be more than one choice or doorway at the end of such a development period, and what is decided will depend on the amount and depth of development work that we have accomplished. Therefore our subsequent choices will relate to our truth, or what feels right, which is not for prediction. The energy of the planets (not by chance) interacts with our energies producing a reaction that provides the potential for positive change. The reaction they produce is the bringing to the surface blocks that are both the obstacles and stepping stones to the ‘self’.

Gradually, as ‘self’ awareness grows, our intent becomes clearer and more conscious, resulting in a difference in the energy that we emit to the Universe. This produces change both in our effect on Universal energies, and consequential reaction.

This is the key to the future of our choice.

Collectively and continually, more and more are ‘waking’, becoming aware, and therefore changing the way that the energy of the Universe is effected, so what may have been a possibility ten years ago, no longer is. What is coming, may not be the same as what was coming.

The more conscious we become, the more clearly we make our decisions, on every level. Gradually we come to see how the energy of intent, within our minds and choices, effects all of existence, since we are not separate from any level of being. We can choose how we create our reality and future.


By Helen Labovich