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The Planets

In western astrology the planets are said to have an effect on events or people. The sun and the moon are also referred to as planets. The positions and aspects of the planets are often used by astrologers to prepare the horoscopes. Each planet is said to rule one or two zodiac signs, the sign(s) in which the planet can most easily express its characteristics.

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The Sun

The Sun is the star at the centre of our Solar System. Due to its great mass, the dominates the Solar System and holds all of the planets in orbit. It is also rthe most important planet in a horoscope. The Sun takes one year to move through all twelve signs of the zodiac. It is the ruler of the sign of Leo. It represents the self, personality, ego and masculinity. It is the Sun that gives strength to the other Planets and highlights them.
Keywords: Strength, vitality, energy, authority, dignity, health, generosity.

The Moon

The Moon orbits the Earth. It appears to change shape as different illuminated parts are visible from Earth. The Moon shines by reflected light. It spends two to three days in each sign of the zodiac every month. It is the ruler of the sign of Cancer. It represents the unconscious mind, nurturing urge and femininity. As it is closest to earth it influences us more than other planets.
Keywords: Emotions, feelings, desires, needs, fertility, habits.


Mercury is a small fast moving planet closest to the Sun. As it can often be seen during dawn and dusk near the sun, the ancients believed it was two planets, Hermes and Apollo. Mercury is the mythological messenger. As it is close to the sun, it takes mercury about twelve months to move through all signs of the zodiac. It is the ruler of the signs of Gemini and Virgo. It represents the mind, ability to reason and to turn desires into action.
Keywords: Communication, perception, flexibility, intellect.


Venus is the brightest of the planets and also known as morning star or evening star. Like Mercury, it was once believed to be two planets, Eosphorus and Hesperus. It usually takes Venus ten to twelve months to move through all sign of the zodiac, but can take longer when it retrogrades. It is the ruler of the signs of Taurus and Libra. It represents beauty and harmony.
Keywords: Pleasure, love, romance, charm, art, culture, possessions.


Mars is the last of the four terrestrial planets of the inner Solar System. It is visible in our night skies as a bright, reddish object. Mars was the Roman god of war and agriculture. Mars takes about two years to move through all signs of the zodiac. It is the ruling planet of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio. Mars represents initiative, action and energy.
Keywords: Power, confidence, ambition, competition, masculinity, violence, construction.


Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and the second brightest in our night sky. Jupiter was the principal Roman god, originally the god of the sky. It takes Jupiter about twelve years to move through all signs of the Zodiac. It is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces. Jupiter represents expansion, good fortune, wealth and philosophy.
Keywords: Good luck, health, happiness, potential, success, joy, opportunities, growth, travel.


Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and famous for its spectacular ring system. In roman mythology Saturn was the God of workers. It takes Saturn about 29 years to move through all signs of the Zodiac. It is the ruling planet of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius. It represents a teacher, structure and hard work.
Keywords: Patience, maturity, ambition, responsibility, limitations, discipline, authority, pain, fear, urge for security, experience.


Uranus is the first of three planets beyond Jupiter and not visible to the naked eye. It takes Uranus about 84 years to move through all signs of the Zodiac. It is the ruling Planet of Aquarius. It represents freedom, and a new way of looking at things and all things unexpected.
Keywords: Independence, freedom, break from traditions, revolution, innovative, creative, unpredictable.


Neptune is the last of the gas giants and, like Uranus, is not visible to the naked eye. Neptune was the Roman God of the Seas. It takes Neptune about 146 years to move through all signs of the Zodiac. It is the ruling planet of Pisces. Neptune represents intuition and a higher sense of responsibility.
Keywords: Illusions, spirituality, fantasy, dreams, inspiration, sensitive, compassionate, drugs, alcohol, psychic ability.


Pluto is the most distant and smallest planet in our solar system. Pluto was named after the god of the dead and ruler of the Underworld. It takes Pluto about 246 years to move through all signs of the Zodiac. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and co-ruler of Aries. It represents transformation and rebirth.
Keywords: Life and death, obsession, disease, regeneration, secret and hidden, undercover, fundamental changes.