Cancer – Compatibility, Relationships, Personality and Horoscopes

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Dates: Jun 22 – Jul 22

Ruling Planets: Moon

Element: Water

Symbol: Crab

Cancer Traits

Those who are born under the sign of the Cancer tend to be very family-oriented. They enjoy bringing happiness and taking care of others, especially those they are closest to. Many Cancers have large families, which is most likely why they have such a maternal nature.

Growing up in a traditional and nurturing household reinforces these values in Cancers.

They tend to be the happiest when they are participating in the kinds of traditions they were brought up with, and have a strong sense of community.

The Relationships of the Cancer

Cancers are very loyal to those who treat them right and offer support. They cherish the people in their life, whether it is family, friends, or a significant other.

People born under this sign make excellent partners because of how dedicated and supportive they are.

There is a need to make others feel loved and cared for, but they expect that the people in their lives do the same for them in return.

The friendships and bonds that these people form usually last a very long time because of the fact that they know how to cultivate and nurture them properly.


There are lots of different facets to the personality of a Cancer, making them very complex and unpredictable people. Sometimes they can be somewhat irritable, even if all of their needs are being met, but more often than not they are loving and caring souls.

Cancers are also very easily offended by certain things people say, but it is only because of their sensitive nature and tendency to sulk in their own self-pity.

They also tend to get very clingy with those they get close to, craving attention and approval.

The Business Side

When it comes to excelling in the business world, Cancers have a few personality traits that can hold them back, such as their overemotional tendencies as well as a shyness that can get in the way of numerous opportunities in life.

Beneath these characters flaws lurks a very strong individual who is very capable with a perseverance that can take them very far in all of their endeavors.

The inherent insecurities of Cancers is probably one of their biggest flaws, though they are good with managing money and value financial security quite a bit.

The Cancer as a Whole

The sign of the Cancer is fraught with all kinds of contradictions. People of this sun sign value security, but that doesn’t stop them from seeking out adventure whenever possible. And while they do like to be very helpful and take care of others, they can also be indifferent and reserved.

The crab symbolizes this sign, and it is very appropriate. Similar to the crab, people born under this sign can come out of their shell when they need to, but other times get withdrawn and prefer security and privacy. There are definitely some defenses that Cancers have in place, but they are destined for great things once they learn to overcome some of these character flaws.

Keywords: Sensitive, sentimental, romantic, artistic, intuitive, family orientated, idealistic, emotional, possessive, witty, considerate, adaptable, loyal


Compatible signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo

Compatible Element: Earth