Capricorn – Compatibility, Relationships, Personality and Horoscopes

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Dates: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Ruling Planets: Saturn

Element: Earth

Symbol: Goat


The sign of the Capricorn is means a lot of different things, and it is often associated with an ambitious and tenacious attitude.

Those who share this sign view life itself as a project, and they are easily able to adapt to almost any given situation that arises.

There is a definite practicality to the Capricorn that helps them to make decisions which are not influenced by emotion, but rather an objective view of the world.

They are very devoted to accomplishing their goals, no matter what it takes.

The Relationships of the Capricorns

When it comes to friendships and romantic relationships, the Capricorn is very sympathetic to others as well as caring and loyal, which is precisely why they make such a great friend and partner.

They go out of their way to help others when they need it the most without a single moment of hesitation or doubt.

One of the more alluring things about people who are born under this sign is that they are so mysterious, making them very attractive to potential romantic partners.

The Personality of Capricorns

Although it may seem like Capricorns are somewhat melancholic, it is only because they take themselves and their goals very seriously.

They tend to be very analytical when it comes to assessing situations which arise, looking at them from every angle so as not to take a single unnecessary risk. And while some people view these people as boring, there is much more than meets the eye. It is the intense drive of the Capricorn that makes them appear to serious and even sullen, but inside they really do enjoy life and have a deep empathy for others around them.

The Business Side

When it comes to the business world, Capricorns are great leaders, primarily because of how ambitious and hard working they are.

These people have no problems whatsoever when it comes to gaining recognition for their achievements, which is what gives them the upper hand when it comes to their professional lives.

Capricorns also tend to make wise investments because they do not let emotions dictate their decisions and look at the long term benefits.

The practical nature of the Capricorn is also what makes them so successful in the business world, and they often end up doing very well for themselves.

The Capricorn as a Whole

As a whole, Capricorns are very complex people, and it is very easy for others to mistake their serious exterior for a boring personality.

They are extremely loyal, resourceful, and responsible people who take care of those closest to them, though they do have problems with trusting others. Once a person is able to get a Capricorn to trust them though, they will have a strong relationship that will be filled with joy.

Even though most people don’t see it at first, the Capricorn also has a great sense of humor which is often unique and different from those around them. All in all, people born under this sign have a very practical outlook, but they have a very kind and loving spirit.

Keywords: Serious, independent, ambitious, perfectionists, materialistic, intelligent, introverted, reliable, trustworthy, suspicious, pessimistic, clever, logical


Compatible signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces

Compatible Element: Water