Gemini – Compatibility, Relationships, Personality and Horoscopes

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Dates: May 21 – Jun 21

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Symbol: Twins

Gemini Traits

The first thing you will notice about a Gemini is how much they love to talk. They make great conversationalists and feel uncomfortable in silence, so they fill in the gaps by talking about anything they can think of.

Geminis have a very intellectual mind, which becomes clear when they inevitably strike up a conversation with you.

The primary goal in life for a Gemini is to get information about the people, places, and things around them. They have a passion for learning and never miss an opportunity to find out more about the people they meet.

The Relationships of Gemini

Geminis are very interesting individuals and therefore tend to have lots of friends. While it may seem like they are kind of flighty, they are really just uncomfortable interacting with the same people for too long, but they always come back to those they really care about. The Gemini is constantly in search of new people to meet and things to experience.

They are great at listening to the problems of others, and can offer very insightful advice.

The only thing about people who are born under this sign which may work against them when it comes to relationships is their restless and impulsive nature.

The Personality of Gemini

People who share the Gemini sun sign tend to react to any given situation with very little hesitation.

They are seemingly always in a state of nervousness, and enjoy being around people and places that can add to this feeling.

Gemini crave excitement in life and go wherever they think they can find it.

There are lots of conflicting feelings within these people, and they are highly excitable.

Boredom is the enemy for most Gemini, and they do whatever they can to avoid it.

The Business Side

The fact that most Gemini have a hard time focusing on something for a long period of time can limit their prospects in the business world. They have the potential to do a great job when they focus their minds on one thing in particular, but it rarely happens that way.

Gemini simply have too much natural excitement to do one thing for too long, which is one of their best qualities and worst flaws.

Variety is the spice of life for the Gemini, and they are constantly seeking out change in various forms.

The Gemini as a Whole

There are many different sides and aspects to the Gemini, both mentally and physically.

With lots of natural energy and vitality, the Gemini is a very curious person who likes adventure and to explore the world and people around them.

They are social butterflies who love to interact with others and find out as much as possible about everyone they meet.

Another thing that most people notice that Gemini is that they are never afraid to say what they are thinking. While some people can find these qualities to be annoying and abrasive, others embrace them with open arms and form lasting relationships.

Keywords: Education, communication, curious, adaptable, witty, cheerful, enthusiastic, sociable, sensitive


Compatible signs: Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo

Compatible Element: Fire